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Keep employees connected, no matter where they work

As the proverbial water cooler sits alone in empty offices around the world, companies can no longer rely on organic interactions to build culture. It’s time for a new approach. With Workrowd, employees can self-organize into inclusive and supportive groups based on needs and interests. With live chat, event listings, message boards, and more all in one place, employees have everything they need to drive company culture from the ground up.

Empower your team with one source of truth for new information

With so many internal systems to manage, from email to chat to intranets and beyond, it can actually be more difficult to ensure that employees get the information they need. That’s why Workrowd gives your team one source of truth for all things company culture, encouraging self-service and building true inclusion. With employees already organized into groups, you can easily share relevant communications with the right people with one click.

Gain crucial insight into what’s driving employee engagement

We know you’re busy, but we also know your business depends on your people. Workrowd rallies your entire company around culture-building, and gives you tools to monitor, measure, and manage every step of the way. With visibility across all initiatives, analytics on critical indicators, and administrator settings to ensure everything stays values-aligned, you can deliver concrete results with less stress.

What our customers say

"Workrowd has been an incredible asset allowing us to be more connected as a team. Implementation was seamless and the value of the tool continues to grow every day with real time input from our employees and management team."

- Deborah Gomez

Human Resources Manager & Safety Officer

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