For Employees

Rory and Alex have been feeling dissatisfied at work. They're not learning new things in their current roles, and they don't feel important to the team.

Typically, Rory and Alex would either look for new jobs, or stay put while their productivity and engagement suffered. Luckily though, Rory and Alex's company uses Workrowd, so they ask to activate the Innovation krowd.

As leaders of the Innovation krowd, Rory and Alex:

  • Stay engaged and productive
  • Feel valued
  • Learn new skills
  • Connect more deeply with their coworkers
  • Bring new innovations to the company through the krowd's intrapreneurship programming
  • Become brand ambassadors for their company

Rory and Alex's colleagues enjoy similar benefits, and the entire company gets a boost from happier, more engaged, more productive employees.

For Leaders

Ari and Elliott are executives at Alex and Rory's company. Business is booming, and they know they need to up their game to keep their top talent. But Ari and Elliott are busy. They don't have a ton of time or money to spend figuring out how to make every employee happy.

Fortunately, with Workrowd, Ari and Elliott can:

  • Offer a flexible engagement solution to meet the varied needs of their team
  • Support their team members' interests and goals, making them feel valued
  • Encourage cross-team synergies and collaboration
  • Gain new data and insights into engagement and retention issues
  • Benefit from marketing and branding impact of krowd innovations

Best of all, Ari and Elliott gain all of these benefits with minimal effort and expense, since Workrowd is employee-driven and affordably-priced.