Build culture from the top down and the bottom up via employee communities

Throughout life, people seek out others with shared needs, interests, and identities; think of high school activity clubs, university rec sports teams, and community volunteer groups.

Workrowd makes it easy to fulfill this basic human need at work, with a focus on initiatives that drive business outcomes. Plus, real-time analytics provide you the insights you need on demand.

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Employees need each other now more than ever, so Workrowd keeps them connected

Benefits include:

  • All employee initiatives listed in one place, organized by interest
  • Chat, documents, announcements, events, and more at a glance
  • User profiles focused on people, not just job titles and emails
  • Straightforward processes for creating new groups and events
  • Activity ideas, toolkits, and more to support group and event leads
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Leaders are busy, so Workrowd maximizes their time with program support & analytics

Benefits include:

  • Automated surveys to collect feedback after every initiative
  • Straightforward analytics tied directly to your programming
  • Easy oversight and support for employee groups and events
  • Streamlined management of calendar invites, RSVPs, and turnout
  • Transparency and access with everything under one roof

Empower every employee to build a workplace they love,
& increase retention, engagement, & productivity

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