For Employees

How do you find out about culture and development initiatives at work? If you wanted to start your own initiative, whether a resource group or a sports league, would you know how to do it?

Workrowd makes it easy to find out what’s happening, ensuring you don’t miss opportunities and empowering you and your coworkers to build community. With Workrowd you get:

  • All employee initiatives listed in one place, organized by interest
  • Chat, documents, announcements, events, and more at a glance
  • User profiles focused on people, not just job titles and contact info
  • Straightforward processes for creating new groups and events
  • Activity ideas, toolkits, and more to support group and event leads

For Leaders

Do you know what your company’s key culture drivers are? How are you monitoring your programming’s impact on employee engagement?

Workrowd helps track and optimize everything from trainings to celebrations, across diversity and inclusion, social impact, professional development, and more. The platform offers:

  • Automated surveys to collect feedback after every initiative
  • Straightforward analytics tied directly to your programming
  • Easy oversight and support for employee groups and events
  • Streamlined management of calendar invites, RSVPs, and turnout
  • Transparency and access with everything under one roof