Per Krowd

Our à la carte option is available to anyone looking to get started with employee groups and engagement. Only pay for the krowds you activate, up to 3 krowds.

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  • ✓ Unlimited initiatives
  • ✓ Krowd activity roadmaps
  • ✓ Custom krowds
  • ✓ Event and group management tools
  • ✓ Automated invites and reminders
  • ✓ Straightforward analytics
  • ✓ Top-notch customer support

Our unlimited option is designed for those companies ready to supercharge their culture and engagement. This is the best fit for those interested in 4+ krowds.

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  • All ‘Per Krowd’ features, plus:
  • ✓ Unlimited krowds
  • ✓ Hands-on employee leader support
  • ✓ Advanced analytics
  • ✓ HRIS and single sign-on integrations
  • ✓ Expanded support hours
  • ✓ Input into new krowd and feature builds

A tailored solution for large companies or those with special culture and engagement needs. Includes unlimited krowds with additional support and features.

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  • Every ‘Per Krowd’ and ‘Unlimited’ feature, plus options including:
  • ✓ Dedicated support
  • ✓ Detailed tracking and reporting
  • ✓ Advanced security
  • ✓ Launch and rollout assistance
  • ✓ Uptime guarantees