Workrowd is a central hub for internal culture. Our platform automates employee group and events management, and empowers employees to build workplaces they love. With Workrowd, People leaders can easily keep their finger on the pulse of what employees want, and employees can start initiatives that meet shared needs and interests. Imagine having full oversight and tools to support while team members from across your company collaborate to run diversity and inclusion initiatives, intrapreneurship hackathons, volunteer days, and professional development workshops. This is the world Workrowd strives to build for our customers.
Workrowd taps into people’s innate need for belonging to increase engagement at your company. Our approach is twofold:
1. Transparency
Workrowd’s user-friendly platform increases transparency across your organization, ensuring employees have easy access to the full range of culture and professional development initiatives you offer. Everyone is included and can participate where they choose, and People leaders have clear insight into how their programs are performing;
2. Connection
Workrowd enables employees to easily launch initiatives focused on what’s important to them. Need to engage introverts and extroverts, Gen Z-ers and Baby Boomers, cat lovers and dog enthusiasts? Workrowd helps your people find their people, increasing connection and commitment at work, and deepening employer loyalty.
A krowd is a group of employees within a company who are organized around a shared need or interest. Krowds can include all employees and feature company-sponsored programming. They can provide a space for remote employees to connect and participate in company culture despite not being in an office. They can be focused on social impact, diversity and inclusion, or innovation. Krowds can be employee resource groups, or they can be athletic teams. They can drive professional development activities or they can offer social events. Krowds are the workplace mirror of the groups we join in all other areas of life, the ones that enrich and ground us, and which have been absent from the office for far too long.
It’s easy! Just send us an email at or use one of the ‘Book a Demo’ buttons on our site to let us know you’re interested. We’ll schedule some time to connect to learn more about your needs and show you around the product a bit, then if it feels like a fit we’ll get you up-and-running! We’re committed to ensuring that everyone has a stellar experience with Workrowd so we’ll be hands-on throughout the implementation process. If you need an integration we don’t have, we’ll build it. If you need help with employee training, we’re here for you. A big part of our mission here at Workrowd is to make People leaders’ lives easier and employees’ lives happier, so everything we do is in service of those goals. Reach out today to let us know how we can help you!
A bit of both, and the split will vary between companies. Workrowd enables People leaders to organize, drive, and measure company culture with our suite of events and community management tools. That said, the platform also enables HR and executives to empower employees to lead with added support and full transparency. While some of the krowd settings are managed from the top, krowds are typically employee-led, and employees can request to have new krowds activated as needs change and interest arises. This way, all levels of the company are fully invested in building a culture that people love, and that delivers a competitive advantage across recruitment, retention, and engagement.
Yes! Workrowd is designed to be flexible for a wide variety of companies and budgets, so you can certainly just use one krowd for organizing and running events and programs. The number of krowds you activate is completely up to you, as are the settings around who can post initiatives, whether initiatives can be scheduled during work hours, etc.
Krowds offer a wide range of events, activities, meetings, campaigns, etc., and in order to succinctly refer to them all at once, we call them initiatives. An initiative can be a hackathon, a food drive, a training, a basketball game, a guest speaker session, a party, a bring your child to work day, a town hall, or any number of other efforts your company may host/offer.
Absolutely! In an effort to support companies and employee leaders, Workrowd has built out a number of krowds around business imperatives such as diversity and inclusion, social impact, intrapreneurship, professional development, etc. We’ve developed guidelines and activity roadmaps in partnership with leading organizations in relevant fields to provide krowd leaders with the tools to drive impact within their companies. We’re always working to expand our offerings, but we could never cover the full breadth of employee needs and interests, so you can activate as many custom krowds as you like!
That’s one of our specialties! Running effective employee resource groups is difficult, but it’s also critically important as diversity and inclusion increasingly influences people’s employment decisions. Faced with this challenge, many companies turn to outside consultants, which can be useful in some cases, but is rarely a sustainable strategy over the long-term. Fortunately with Workrowd, your diversity and inclusion work can be employee-driven, with guidance from thought leaders through our targeted topic and activity recommendations. If you’re considering starting employee resource groups, or if yours could use a makeover, don’t go it alone. We’d love to help you deliver impact for your employees without having to reinvent the wheel.
Workrowd is great for companies that aren’t 100% collocated! It can be hard to build and maintain a strong culture when your workforce isn’t all in the same place, but with Workrowd, everyone can easily see everything that’s going on, geographically dispersed employees can launch their own initiatives, and People leaders can gain critical insights into which krowds and initiatives are having the most impact for employees who aren’t in the office full-time.
Currently, Workrowd is focused on building supportive communities within companies. This means that at the moment, only employees who are affiliated with participating companies can join, but we may open the platform to individuals at some point down the line. If you’d like to express interest in expanded platform access, please send us an email letting us know at
Workrowd is a small, scrappy team dedicated to making workplaces better for everyone. We’re always interested in meeting similarly-minded folks, so if you’re inspired by our mission and think you could add to the team, please reach out to
You can email us at, or call at (929) 390-1773. We look forward to hearing from you!